THE FIRST EDITION (2-3.03.2019)

950 square meters of exhibition space 900 sold works of art 3500 visitors 80 exhibitors 565 media information 5 television channels 8 radio stations

Watch the video report:

"It was unexpectedly great. I hope to see you at the next edition!"

Łukasz Olek, artysta

"I was at the fair. Joy dominated. It was like a carnival. The guests had a good time. They were not ashamed of their tastes, lack of experience with art. The young people bought their first paintings, graphics or photographs in their lives to decorate the apartments. (...) The success, in my opinion, lies primarily in the fact that someone had the courage to organize a fair and it ran smoothly."

Janusz Miliszkiewicz,

"Thank you very much for great organization and, above all, for consistency. A great initiative. And it would be great if the event have at least two editions in a year."

Marek Duchnowski, właściciel galerii ToTuart

"After the spring exhibition season in London (Affordable Art Fair Battersea and The Other Art Fair London) and in Warsaw (Targi Sztuki Dostępnej), I am pleased to award the first place... Warsaw. For a great organization, selection of exhibitors and attracting an engaged audience."

Millena Davies, artystka działająca w Polsce i Wielkiej Brytanii

"I was there and I believe that it will be a cyclical event! Crowds of people interested in art and people with "art" under their arm. „Respect”, dear Ladies."

Elżbieta Kuźniacka, gość

"Thank you to the organizers for an extremely intense and rich event! A mass of positive emotions, contacts, thousands of works of art. The entire Polish art market in one place. Thank you especially for the opportunity to show the works of young artists. Participation in these fairs was a great decision. I am looking forward to the next edition!"

Natalia Rakowska, artystka

"Thank you for inviting our gallery to participate in the Fair. The event attracted many visitors. Congratulations on your success!"

Elżbieta Kochanek-van Dijk, właścicielka Galerii Milano